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Bruce Dammeier

Pierce County Executive

“Michael has proven his service to our country in the Air Force and our community on the Puyallup School Board. He refocused the district on student academic achievement and will deliver results in the State House. I strongly endorse Michael as our next State Representative!”

Kelly Chambers

Washington State Representative (25th LD)

“Michael has a strong history of service to our country and community that will make him an excellent representative of the 25th largest district in the Washington state legislature. It is an honor to endorse Michael Keaton to be the next representative from the 25th.”

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Cyndy Jacobsen

Washington State Representative (25th LD)

“I am grateful that an individual of Michael Keaton’s caliber has agreed to run for the legislature in the 25th. He serves his family, his community, and his country well. Now he is needed in Olympia.”

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Chris Gildon

Washington State Senator (25th LD)

“Michael Keaton is the right choice to represent the 25th district in the state legislature. With his background in public service and track record of bringing people together, Michael has the experience needed to effectively advocate for our community. I will be fully supporting his candidacy and encourage you to do so as well!”

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Hans Zeiger

Former Washington State Senator (25th LD)

"Michael Keaton demonstrated wisdom, integrity, and courage during his service on the Puyallup School Board. Michael’s commitment to serving - and serving well - is remarkable.”

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Pierce County Republican Party

Washington State GOP

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Paul Herrera

Pierce County Councilman (Dist. #2)

“I wholeheartedly endorse Michael Keaton for his unwavering commitment to public service. His remarkable background, including serving as a fighter pilot in the US Air Force, showcases his dedication and selflessness. As a school board member, he has consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism and a deep understanding of the importance of education in our community. Michael's genuine appreciation for his hometown amplifies his desire to serve and make a positive impact.”

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Amy Cruver

Pierce County Councilwoman (Dist. #3)

“I knew Michael before he ran for the Puyallup School Board. He was and continues to be a fierce advocate for protecting family values that strengthen our country, our communities, and safeguard the innocence of our youth. He’s the representative we need serving in the legislature now.”

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Dave Morell

Pierce County Councilman (Dist. #1)

“Michael Keaton is a proven leader. His ability to find sensible agreements on challenging issues is well known in his community.”

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Joseph Romero

Puyallup School Board Director


Maddie Names

Puyallup School Board Director

(Vice President)

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Shannon Burch

Puyallup School Board Director

(Legislative Representative)

Gretchen Miles

Puyallup School Board Director

(WIAA Representative)

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